Let's not be strangers for long. I'm Shahla and you are...

Have you read all the details available on the website www.davinciproject.net about the prototype model KMCL?

Please tell me more about your business. What is it that you do and your niche industry? *

Do you have a specific Learning & Development department in your company? *

You are halfway there. Just a few more to go. Patience is a virtue, right? ;)

The beta test for the KMCL learning & development model is a highly interactive and practical workshop. For the workshop, I shall visit your office and conduct a 3 hour session involving your managers & L&D (if there is one). I shall bring the prototype with me for use and in the end, I shall collect the experiences of the participants in the form of videos, surveys and pictures. Please explain if this is clear and is there a specific challenge that your HR team or L&D department can benefit from with my beta test.

What date would you like me attend your office?

Please don't worry about commitment. We can change it later as needed.
How many participants would be attending the workshop?

Again, you don't have to come up with an exact number. I would suggest having at least one manager from each department because L&D is basically half of every managers' job. If your company has KTMs (Knowledge Transfer Managers) who provide on-the-job training to team members, then these managers must attend.
Which of these L&D areas of your learning system could use my help right now?

As in, you may not be getting a good ROI from certain teams or there might be specific areas of problem.

Please ask if you have any particular question about the test.

You made it!!!
I shall get back to you with answers ASAP and discuss things further. For now, have an awesome day ahead.

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